Friday, 17 June 2011

Online Poker – Poker Industry Faces One More Blow

Poker industry is facing challenges and there are many poker sites that are banned in U.S., but still hope is there for the best interests of players. A recent happening at the scene of online poker is victory of a poker player in a court hearing held at U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Appeal of contract breach was dismissed against a professional player Cycalona Gowen against Tiltware, a company contracted to provide Full tilt Poker players, the software for playing online poker.
The decision also states that local district government has made a big mistake when Gowen’s appeal was dismissed due to misrepresentation against other online poker players, Bitar and Lederer. Bitar has equity trading business in Los Angeles and provided support in establishing Full Tilt Poker and Tiltware. He was indicted by federal government to have association with online poker business as this kind of business is banned currently in U.S. He was considered allegedly involved in gambling and also in fraudulent activities. Despite all the allegations, he doesn’t feel ashamed of his acts; rather he is confident that he had done everything right.
Lederer is also a founding member of Tiltware. Gowen is a Taxas inhabitant. He has accused that Tiltware has violated the contract of giving him ownership in the business up to 1% as the company has used his celebrity popularity fro promotion of FullTilt poker site. According to the ruling of 9th circuit, she can go for his claim of contract breach again t Tiltware.
The result was different as Gowen’s claims were not given heed against other professional poker players of FullTilt website.

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