Thursday, 27 October 2011

PokerStars Shuts down - No More USA Players

PokerStars has completely shut its doors to US players. As of April 15, 2011, USA players are not allowed in real money games at the site and website has been completely shut down. PokerStars is one of four sites effected by the shut down. There are still a number of US friendly poker sites operating without problems.

It is alleged that PokerStars and various associated payment processors attempted to circumvent Federal anti-gambling law by tricking US banks into accepting gaming funds illegally.

It is claimed that the defendants set up fake companies in an effort to trick US banks into accepting gambling payments. When this strategy ceased to work, the defendants allegedly bribed bank executives so that they would be more receptive to processing illegal payments.

In light of these severe allegations, PokerStars shut down all US operations indefinitely. Pokerstars is accepting no more USA players at this time.

Can USA Players Sign Up at PokerStars?

No, PokerStars has shut down to all US players. Any player attempting to sign up for real money games using a US address will be unable to access the game tables.

Did PokerStars Shut Down US Deposits?

Yes, PokerStars has shut down deposits for US players. The FBI investigation resulted in over 75 payment processors linked to PokerStars being shut down. Thus PokerStars’ ability to process transactions in the US is severely limited.

Has PokerStars Shut Down US Withdrawals?

The status of PokerStars withdrawal requests for US players is a gray area right now. The company has issued an official statement claiming that all US players’ funds are in safe hands, set aside in an unknown bank account.

Is Online Poker Doomed in the US?

No, there are still many poker rooms online that accept US players. Further, the act of playing poker online is not illegal at the Federal level.

In this case there are many other who was in process of registering and waiting for Pokerstarsbonus but they won’t get it unless they are non-US residents.

PokerStars – Play Safe And Earn Maximum

Online poker is one of the most popular online games that are not only attracting the attention of the players around the globe, but also help them making money. It’s easy to find one website that is dealing with poker games and making amazing offers for the players. 

To get started with a website, a player has to enter the bonus code that enables him to claim the cash that is the bonus and then go with the game that has huge prize money for the winner. PokerStars is one of the best sites, working online to provide the players with the best bonuses in the market. The initial sign up bonus is 100% matching against the deposit made by the company. 

One major reason of the popularity of PokerStars game is the low expense. In real land based casinos, a player has to invest over the game; he may have to bear the traveling expense to reach the casino. While, you can play at the online casinos, while sitting in the comforts of your home. PokerStars bonus is also available to increase your bankroll whether you win at the game or not. 

You can get the detailed information about the poker sites as well as the bonuses offered by different sites through browsing. While using bonus codes, a player can get the special discounts to enter the gaming zone and also save a lot of money. These codes are also excellent for the players to make the good game, even though you are losing.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

PokerStars – Play Game With Great Ease!

Online poker players might enjoy the descarger PokerStars, if they are the true fans of web based poker games. PokerStars is not just about the poker games that are available in large numbers, but also is the home of immense numbers of poker players.
The games offered at PokerStars include stud, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and the list goes on. PokerStars Descarger also provides a great opportunity to the players to win huge prizes and also the bonus money that is distributed among all the newbie. There are some special awards that the players can avail, and these are also provided through Descarger PokerStars.
The site has enhanced its capability of providing the players with user friendly software. The software can be downloaded from the site in no time. For this purpose, you have to reach their site. After downloading the PokerStars software, the next step is to save the installed files to the hard drive.
PokerStars also have the language options that make it possible for the players to go for one of their choice. After choosing the language, you will have to accept the terms and conditions and then go for installation on the device.
All the players are provided with initial signup PokerStars bonus that equals $600 and is provided at the time of signing up with the website. To recharge the account, you can use your credit card at the Descarger PokerStars.
Start your journey with a never ending online gaming experience, that’s possible only at PokerStars.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Poker Sign Up Bonus – Cash Out Is Not Tough

New players always look for the bonus that is offered against the initial deposit. Increasing the bankroll is obviously the priority for any online poker player. They can get the bonus money equals to $600 at most of the popular online casinos. There are certain requirements to redeem the bonus and these requirements vary from one site to the other site. 

Redeeming The Bonus Money

Points system is mostly used at the online casinos and that can be earned through betting. Another factor that determines the poker sign up bonus is the rake collected by the house. Higher rakes are usually for the high stake players only. 

After earning certain numbers of points, a player can clear the bonus money. 20 points is the standard that is required for $1 of the bonus money. PokerStars ask for 17 points to redeem the bonus money that is lower than many other online poker sites.
  • Time to cash out the bonus money depends on the deposited money. For example, it will take less time for $100 deposit compared to $200.
  • It also depends on the poker site that has specific rules to follow.
  • The rules of redeeming bonus also vary from game to game.
  • The rules also vary for cash games and for the tournaments. The bonuses are higher for the cash games as compared to the S&G tournaments.
  • Understanding the rules means you would be in a position to earn the bonus in shortest possible time.
Isn’t it tough to cash out the bonus money? It's not. Follow the instructions given above!

Poker Party – Be Careful To Play AK Hand

Ace King is considered to be a dangerous game for the players, where players have the danger of death just because of overplaying in the tournaments. The chance of winning with the suited cards against the unsuited cards is only 1%.  

If more players at poker party lose the game, then it doesn’t mean they are not expert players. For best and favorable results, a player should know all the best strategies as well as the worst strategies that are commonly used at AK. 

AK is a stronger hand and the rest of the hands are either stronger or little weaker than AA. It’s true that AK is the best hand, but it’s not easy to use, as it involves complications for the successful use. QQ that is strongest in NL Hold’em, is much better than AK, means AK still have tough competitor hands. 

To play AK, a player needs to be careful as well as aggressive. Aggression has always been considered as the best strategy to follow, but with AK, its importance increases many folds. Because you are not at the strongest position against opponents, so better not to go for an all in calling option. You may have to face tough situation due to the hands like 10J and QJ. 

Its also not good play too much with AK hand, because you are in online poker, not in real land based casino. But, players bet again and again if the flop doesn’t hit. It’s good to go for raising preflop, but it’s not good to bluff with AK hand. This would be the biggest blunder you can make. If you don’t see AK as hitting, then it’s not better than 23. Drawpoker is the money consuming strategy in no limit Hold’em.