Friday, 2 December 2011

Tricks for getting bonus party poker

The partypoker has taken strong measures towards the players who are involve in cheating and tricks to take the bonusparty poker by using different software. They player either playing for money chip or playing with the real money will be banned forever if they are found guilty of doing illegal things to get the bonus or win the game. There are some instruction below which you need to follow in order o avoid ban.

The most common way of cheating in the game is dumping the other player. In this player try to take the benefits in the chat room by giving their chips to the other players. Although it is difficult to do but one who found guilty of this could be banned forever. According to the rule of party poker it is important for the player to have only one account but people uses different accounts by changing their address and name to get extra advantages. If anyone found guilty of this would be ban forever.

Some people do some type of agreement or collusion in order to get the benefit. This is banned on the poker party website. Some people try to share the information with the each other; sharing information regarding their cards is banned. This method is difficult to detect because people use instant messaging. So in order to avoid ban don’t use it. The poker party website allows you to play the game on specific software but before using other software you need to check the term and condition first and then start the game.

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