Friday, 13 May 2011

Bonus Party Poker – Special Offer Through PokerNews

Best sign up bonus available over internet can be gained through PokerNews. Members of the PokerNews have earned the initial free $50 as no deposit bonus. Reaching at PartyPoker website through PokerNews will enable you to win $50. You can use PN50Free code to get the bonus promised. There is no need to make any initial deposit or providing the website with any more details. Just enter the code and win the bonus. Redeeming rules are also quite relaxed while using PokerNews website. 

Deposit Bonus Is One Step Ahead Of No Deposit Bonus

While depositing for bonus Party Poker, you will have to make that money $100 in order to win $100 bonus. It doesn’t end here instead almost 600 party poker points are needed to earn if you want to redeem the initial deposit bonus. 

·         Use PN50Free for free $50. From $50, you will get $25 as soon as possible and the rest $25; you will receive after making 200 points.
·         Use PNEWS50 bonus code to deposit $50 and get $50 bonus after earning 150 points.

If you sign up at your Party Poker account through using PokerNews website, you can claim a bonus of $100 after making initial deposit of $50 and party points of 350. For $100 deposit, you will have to earn 600 party points. 

Best tip for this bonus code is to avoid making any deposit until you get the initial $25. You might not be entitled to both the bonuses if don’t follow the right directions.

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