Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Poker Signup Bonus And VIP Bonus Attract Poker Players

Poker has become the favorite game being played over World Wide Web. Online poker not just facilitates poker players to play the game, but also enable them to win huge amount as winning prize. Big casinos are not possible to reach by people living in different parts of the world; in such situation online casinos are of great support. An online player can play from wherever he wants and at whatever time he want while living in the comforts of his home.
Online poker websites use different tactics to appeal new players as well as to win the loyalties of old players. Bonuses are offered to for the game to allure the customers. VIP bonus is offered to the players who have played for a poker room for some particular time period. Raked hands are required to avail certain bonus at the players’ end. A player with $200 initial deposit, and 500 raked hands, he is entitled to get almost $50-$100 of bonus. VIP bonus can be utilized to win games for longer times.
Regular players are also offered a reward in the form of VIP bonus just due to their patronage. Poker signup bonus is the amount paid to the players at their startup and is actually some money deducted from the initial deposit made by the players. Redeeming bonuses is possible only if a player has played certain number of games as part of conditions set by the poker room. Cash back bonuses involve 25% loss as borne by the player and compensated by the poker room. These bonuses are rare to be found.
Whatever the bonus type is, the main objective is to win over the customers or players. It’s better to understand the rules and regulations set by a poker room prior to playing the game. It will help in avoiding losses at some later stage.

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