Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bonus Party Poker – Arrange Your Own Poker Party

Poker game is a thrill, it’s an entertainment, and it’s a show of best skills. If you are a party man then do invite your friends to play a poker game and see what amazing that gathering would be. Here you need to go!
Make players feel like they are in Vegas. You need to bring that essence of casinos at your home. You can give a new touch to the entrance of your home while making it just like the Vegas strip with neon lights.
Wear what the party demands. Try to make the appearance of a specific character. Like that of a cocktail waitress or Elvis. It’s also recommended to hire a security guard for the party day just to give a real look of a casino. He can check the IDs of the entrants.
Prepare poker tables. Don’t make that too much expensive instead; use green cloth at any plain surface. Make more than one table if players are many in order to give them equal playing opportunities.
Arrange for some Vegas style drinks. Without these drinks a poker party can’t be completed. You can go for cosmos or Mojitos that should be served in tall glasses.
Now you are ready to give a start to your party. Your players would love to play if there is full of entertainment therefore, you will have to keep that thing in mind. Don’t forget to check that all the players are engaged in playing at different tables. If you have arranged online poker games at your party then look for some bonus party poker to make the game more interesting.
You have created the environment at your home, just like the one created at any big casino of Vegas. Play and enjoy poker in real time.

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