Monday, 25 April 2011

PokerStars Bonus – Play The Informed Way!

Are you a poker player then you might have visited PokerStars website. This site enables US players to come and use play money chips in an interactive environment. Players can judge what’s happening at each table and then decide what to do. At PokerStars website, it’s in best interest of players to analyze the stats of the game to avail advantage of PokerStars bonus.
For right analysis of PokerStars website, a player is required to have internet access, Windows OS, and he needs to be PokerStars client.
·         First step is to click the start option with mouse and then go for all programs.
·         You will find PokerStars, click that option
·         Are you looking at Log In tab? Click that and fill the fields of username and password.
·         You are reached the lobby area. If you want to have a view of lobby, go for Play Money option.
·         If you want to have clear idea about players count at any table, you need to go for Plrs heading. It will tell you total numbers of players count.
·         If you want to view the numbers of playing waiting to play, then go for Wait option. These players are in wait to get a seat at the poker tables.
·         If you want to know the average numbers of play chips in one pot then go for Avg Pot option.
·         If you want to know the average numbers of play chips used by each player at a table then go for Avg Stack option. Stack shows the chips he will use while staying at the table.
·         If you want to know the numbers of players with average flop then go for Plrs/Flop option. Higher number shows that more players are looser in the game while a smart number shows tighter players. Higher chips are used by loose players and only fewer hands by the tight players.
·         If you want to know the average hands used at one table then go for H/hr option. Higher number shows that the game is quite speedy.
Are you ready to start playing at PokerStars website after having complete stats about poker rooms? Get, set, go…

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