Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Types Of Poker Bonus Codes

Poker bonus codes are the codes provides to the poker players for sign up bonuses. In poker rooms, codes are prerequisite to claim the bonuses. Whatever the type of bonus is, code is compulsory for poker players, both new and old.
Types Of Poker Bonus Codes
Poker bonus codes are of two types:
1-      Poker Bonus Codes For New Members
This type of bonus code is offered to the fresh players who join the poker room for the very first time. This code is utilized when player makes his first money deposit in any poker room. Old players are not entitled to these poker bonus codes; an edge for new comers. Poker rooms make it sure that these poker codes are provided only for once to the new players. Fraudulent intentions of players to sign in again and again with different user names are always discouraged by the poker rooms.
2-      Poker Bonus Codes For Old Players
Once a player enters the poker room and becomes its loyal member, he is entitled to the second poker bonus code provided the room offers that or not. This bonus code has many restrictions while being used by poker players. Players can win the free cash money at the time of next deposit and there are some limitations on cash withdrawal at the player’s end depending on the raked hands.
What Is The Poker Bonus Code Meant For?
Poker bonus codes are utilized to win some free cash while making the very first deposit at any online poker room. It’s better to get complete information about different poker rooms, before you join a single one for playing the game. Lots of websites provide useful reviews about different poker rooms and good thing is it’s free of cost. Players can also get special bonuses if they join the rooms through those websites. After joining the poker room, free poker bonus code is entered and the player gets the advantage of free cash on first deposit.
Poker bonus codes are to benefit poker players, both new and old. Get the codes and take advantage of special benefits offered by poker rooms.

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