Friday, 2 March 2012

Bad Practices That Can Cause Party Poker Account Cancellation

Party Poker strictly deals with all the poker players who intend to use illegal advantage of the software while playing real money as well as play money games. Any kind of cheating can lead toward direct firing out of the game. In the lines below, some good practices are given that will help you to keep your poker account safe working.

Chip dumping is one of the common practices used by the players in the poker rooms that involve giving away the chips to some other players. In case any player is caught of using this practice, his account will be cancelled and he could no more play at the poker room.
Multiple accounts is another practice that is not considered good if followed by the players. Players may use different addresses to enter the room and play games. One main objective can be to win over the bonus party poker money, but it is prohibited at all by the poker room. All the winning money can be forfeited if the player is caught of using this practice.

Collusion is also not allowed at party poker. In this practice, players share information regarding their cards and the purpose is to gain unfair advantage. However, instant messaging can’t be detected by the poker room.

No unauthorized software is allowed to be used at Party poker and any such player may have to face cancellation of the account on permanent basis.
Always follow the legal ways of playing Party Poker and you will have more chances to win.

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