Friday, 23 March 2012

Bodog Poker Detailed Knowledge Concerns

Hoping to relieve player concerns regarding the possibility of collusion at its unknown platforms, Bodog Poker has made a new plan that allows gamers to ask for side backgrounds that will expose the gap credit charge playing cards of all gamers worked credit charge playing cards at the desk, whether the hands went all the way to the series stage or not. The backgrounds will remain unknown and can be expected following a 24-hour waiting period up to 31 days after a playing procedure. 

Players making the side history needs must have been placed at the desk and have obtained gap credit charge playing cards for the needs to be recognized. Bodog Poker review obtained a frustrating amount of critique from the on-line poker community in late Nov upon instituting a new anonymous poker plan in which players’ screen names were eliminated from the desk, leaving gamers branded by just their seat statistics. In multi-table competition action, gamers were allocated unique statistics. The suspect move was intended to put an end to more experienced gamers using heads-up shows and various monitoring programs to gain an edge over the more leisurely and informal gamers. 

Many gamers were incensed, lighting style up the on-line poker boards with severe terms targeted at Bodog’s new unknown structure being a possible destination for cheaters. Bodog’s UK CEO, Patrik Selin, responded to the critique by saying, “There is only really one critique that appears up to analysis and that is whether the lack of usernames can increase the opportunity for collusion.” The new hand record data disclosing gap credit charge playing greeting cards can now hopefully get any greedy gamers who may try to collude.

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