Friday, 2 March 2012

How To Deduce PokerStars Lobby Stats?

PokerStars allows players to use play money chips in the best gambling environment online, just like a real land based casino. Players can evaluate the conditions and observe what’s happening at each table before they actually join the table.

Many PokerStars players keenly observe the stats of the game before they reach the decision of sticking to one particular game. Such players reach at the gaining end very sooner because they know the situation and also use the strategies accordingly. If a player knows how to interpret the stats of the PokerStars lobby, then he can perform much better at the game with more winning chances other than PokerStars bonus money.

What Does A Poker Player Needs To Get Started With PokerStars?
·         Its MS Windows installed in the system
·         PokerStars Client or the software
·         A speedy internet connection

Getting Started!
·         Go to the start menu and hit the All Programs tab
·         Now hit PokerStars tab
·         In the Login area use the username you want to go with and the password to protect your account
·         If you want to view the lobby then hit the Play Money tab
·         If you want to know the players’ count, then hit the Plrs tab that will show you how many players are being seated there.
·         If you want to see the players in the waiting list then hit the Wait tab.
·         If you want to know the average play chips in a single pot then hit the Avg Pot tab.
·         If you want to know the average number of play chips per table then hit the Avg Stack tab. Stack means the play chips that a player has to utilize during the game.
·         If you want to see the number of players with flop on average, then hit the Plrs/Flop tab. A smaller number shows the tighter player.
The more you play the more you will learn about the rules of the game.

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