Monday, 29 August 2011

Online Poker And Online Poker Bonuses – Fight Between Legal And Illegal Status – Part 1

If you are in the world of online poker then one question might strike your mind that is about the legal status of poker. Recent ban over many online poker sites in U.S. has posed a threat for many other sites that are operating to serve the online poker community. Online poker started making its known existence almost five years ago. Simple answer about the legality based question of online poker is “Yes” its legal, but it greatly depends on the repute of the poker site you are playing.
Major concerns about the legal status of online poker are raised in U.S., where many websites are facing ban due to the new law. The influence of the law would also affect many other countries that are emerging markets for online poker.
The most important aspect regarding online poker and new law is that not a single player is arrested on the charges of playing at online poker sites, but only the websites are being warned to limit their operations and the banks as well.
In 2006, President Bush administration passed the act of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement. This law doesn’t have a single clause about restricting players from playing at online sites. The law deals with banks that are involved in transfer of money generated through poker game. The law has not been implemented so far.
 There is one option for you, if you want to play online poker and that is making payments through third party system like e-check, netteler, and click2pay, etc.

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