Monday, 29 August 2011

Online Poker And Online Poker Bonuses – Fight Between Legal And Illegal Status – Part 2

Though American law is putting strict regulations over poker sites that are being operated within the jurisdiction of U.S. it has been giving golden opportunity to the sites that are being operated outside America in places like Antigua and Gibraltar. No American law can halt the working of these sites and can stop the transactions taking place through these sites.
The States of America that have implemented the new law include Louisiana, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, New York, Nevada, Washington, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Again it is said that the anti-gambling laws are not for poker players, but for poker sites only. The most interesting thing is that the state of Louisiana was the first place where the poker started, but now the new law is prohibiting sites for further operations.
Because of the new law, many online poker sites have stopped accepting U.S. players, and have finished their operations in U.S.; this is to avoid any legal risk that may cost them heavily, if they go against the law.
Countries other than U.S. have their own laws and their own concerns regarding online gambling sites. Some countries are in favor of these sites, while others want to ban these sites from operations. In Europe, online gambling has become the major business that is generating profit for the site owners. Implementing one single to all the European countries is not an easy to do task. Germany has reversed the law that was implemented once in 2008 against online gambling and that was due to the influence of gambling business owners. France and Holland are also facing such circumstances because of heavy protests from supporters of online gambling sites.
Legal or illegal status for online gambling – Time will decide what is the right way to go, but one thing is sure that online gambling community is increasing day by day, and it would be hard to stop them from playing, they will always find some other options, if one is closed. One thing that can be done on behalf of government is to legalize the sites and monitor their activities. There should be smooth working and fair transaction between the gambling sites and the players. Governments can also bring the site owners in the tax net and can generate revenue from this kind of online sports. What should be the way to go, it needs to be decided by the governments of respective countries.  

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