Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Party Poker – Know The Betting Range

Playing online poker without any clear knowledge of betting is just like wasting your precious time for no achievement. In the lines below, you will come across betting position of different cards that will help you in efficient play:
  • High card is considered as the weakest hand that doesn’t have any significantly useful combination that’s why only highest cards like King Hand matter.
  • One pair of aces is the best pair that has highest value at Party Poker. Two cards having the same ranks should be there with the player. The weakest pair is the pair of twos.
  • Two pairs have two identical ranked cards and one blank card.
  • Ste carries three cards of a type having the same rank. It is considered as one of the stronger hands like three nines.
  • Straight has 5 cards in one sequence, all of different card ranks. You can take queen high straight as example.
  • Five cards belonging to the same suit make a flush. Ace high flush is the strongest flush, while king high is next to that.
  • Full house carries a set as well as a pair. One set of nines and a pair aces is a good example of a full house.
  • A quad contains four identical cards, all of the same kind. In case both the players have the one quad, then the fifth card will declare the winner of the game. The fifth card is called as “kicker”.
  • When both straight and a flush combine, a straight flush appears, but it is not a frequent happening. Jack high straight flush is one good example.
  • Ace high straight flush is a “Royal Flush”. This hand is the rarest as well highest among all other cards.
Are you ready to start with the betting at online Poker tables? You can do that after having the information given above.

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