Sunday, 21 August 2011

PokerStars Bonus At Sunday Million Of PokerStars – Amazing Offer For Poker Addicts

PokerStars is not just a name of another online poker room, but a host of biggest tournaments held online for poker lovers. Sunday Million is the most expensive tournament because of the huge guarantee money (1 million dollars). This is the guarantee that can also reach the limit of 2 million a day. No other site makes such an amazing offer for the players.

Sunday Million is the weekend tournament arranged by the site. This is due to the fact that most of the players (both professional and semi professional) play at the weekends. Weekdays also have some tournaments, but these are of small scale.

Online poker addicts visit the tables at the weekend and participate in the tournaments held at online poker sites like PartyPoker, FullTilt poker, PokerStars, Bodog, UB & AP, and some sites that are specific for non U.S. players. All of these poker rooms offer some large scale tournaments and players have a chance to play in a multi table environment.

Despite all the offers made by other poker rooms, still PokerStars is ahead of the competition due to the biggest prize money and PokerStars bonus. One thing about PokerStars is absence of rakeback program, but the VIP club has the same offers in the form of rewards like that of rakeback program.

Sunday Million of PokerStars also has the exceeded money guarantee than 1.5 millions due to larger pool generated from the buy-ins, but it doesn’t happen all the times. Top 1080 position holders are given prizes with minimum prize money of $315.63.

You need to be part of the site at weekend if you want to claim your prize money. It’s not tough, but need your willingness to play there.

Try that and share your experience!

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