Monday, 29 August 2011

Online Poker And Online Poker Bonuses – Fight Between Legal And Illegal Status – Part 2

Though American law is putting strict regulations over poker sites that are being operated within the jurisdiction of U.S. it has been giving golden opportunity to the sites that are being operated outside America in places like Antigua and Gibraltar. No American law can halt the working of these sites and can stop the transactions taking place through these sites.
The States of America that have implemented the new law include Louisiana, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, New York, Nevada, Washington, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Again it is said that the anti-gambling laws are not for poker players, but for poker sites only. The most interesting thing is that the state of Louisiana was the first place where the poker started, but now the new law is prohibiting sites for further operations.
Because of the new law, many online poker sites have stopped accepting U.S. players, and have finished their operations in U.S.; this is to avoid any legal risk that may cost them heavily, if they go against the law.
Countries other than U.S. have their own laws and their own concerns regarding online gambling sites. Some countries are in favor of these sites, while others want to ban these sites from operations. In Europe, online gambling has become the major business that is generating profit for the site owners. Implementing one single to all the European countries is not an easy to do task. Germany has reversed the law that was implemented once in 2008 against online gambling and that was due to the influence of gambling business owners. France and Holland are also facing such circumstances because of heavy protests from supporters of online gambling sites.
Legal or illegal status for online gambling – Time will decide what is the right way to go, but one thing is sure that online gambling community is increasing day by day, and it would be hard to stop them from playing, they will always find some other options, if one is closed. One thing that can be done on behalf of government is to legalize the sites and monitor their activities. There should be smooth working and fair transaction between the gambling sites and the players. Governments can also bring the site owners in the tax net and can generate revenue from this kind of online sports. What should be the way to go, it needs to be decided by the governments of respective countries.  

Online Poker And Online Poker Bonuses – Fight Between Legal And Illegal Status – Part 1

If you are in the world of online poker then one question might strike your mind that is about the legal status of poker. Recent ban over many online poker sites in U.S. has posed a threat for many other sites that are operating to serve the online poker community. Online poker started making its known existence almost five years ago. Simple answer about the legality based question of online poker is “Yes” its legal, but it greatly depends on the repute of the poker site you are playing.
Major concerns about the legal status of online poker are raised in U.S., where many websites are facing ban due to the new law. The influence of the law would also affect many other countries that are emerging markets for online poker.
The most important aspect regarding online poker and new law is that not a single player is arrested on the charges of playing at online poker sites, but only the websites are being warned to limit their operations and the banks as well.
In 2006, President Bush administration passed the act of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement. This law doesn’t have a single clause about restricting players from playing at online sites. The law deals with banks that are involved in transfer of money generated through poker game. The law has not been implemented so far.
 There is one option for you, if you want to play online poker and that is making payments through third party system like e-check, netteler, and click2pay, etc.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Online Poker Bonuses – One Reason For Online Casino Craze

From the very beginning, casinos have always been the center of attraction for the rich to spend their luxurious time, and to spend their money in betting (though for the sake of winning). Online revolution has brought this game at the desktop of average people. Now, people tend to play online instead of visiting brick and mortar casinos, because the terms are relaxed, environment resembles traditional casinos, and winning money is huge. 

Online casinos are open for everyone to play whether old, young, men, and women. It also alleviates the pressure that poker players have to face in traditional casinos. Many successful poker players are quite young, when they started playing at online poker; Annette is one such example. She has started playing free rolls and made a huge bank roll. First victory of Annette in any poker tournament was also online. 

Global recession has also given rise to the popularity of online casinos, because people prefer to make online money to support their routine life expenses that are hard to bear with regular monthly income. Players who want to save money also get a chance with this kind of online gambling. They invest over there and return is guaranteed at least in the form of online poker bonuses

Many revered players of poker have started their professional poker career through online poker sites. It’s a message for interested poker fans, who want to start their poker game for the purpose of wining or to sharpen their skills.  

Get started at live casinos, but make a wise choice!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Poker Sign Up Bonus And Bluffing – Two Important Steps In Poker

Bluffing is not a bad tactic in the poker word; instead it is used fro some good purpose. Poker professionals use this tactic to exploit the imperfect information, and they say, without it, they can’t defeat their opponent. The case is reversed in Hold’em poker, where poker stars catch the bluffs on the spot, if they want to win.
If poker pros don’t bluff, they would have the only determining factor, their hands. Bluffing is necessary for the compensation of the hands that are dealt to a player, because monster is not always dealt. Bluffing enables you to win the hand being played by you, if your opponent chooses to fold. Being a player, you don’t have any need to worry about if you loose a hand; your bluffer image will help you in future.
Starting at the poker site with a bonus called poker signup bonus, bluffers are always at the gaining end in no-limit Taxas Hold’em. Your opponent will have to risk his stack, if he wants to track your bluff. While in limit games, he only calls with few blinds. 

Bluffs are of various types like
  • Semi bluff
  • Bluffs with air
  • Bluffs against weakness
  • Bluffs with scary card
Bluffs can be trapped if a player plays the stronger hand in a weaker way.
Bluffs of good kind are not easy to perform, because these are not part of human nature. Poker pros bluff when they have a stronger hand, and they don’t risk high in case, they have nothing to lose.
Position matters a lot in bluffing. Actually bluffing is about playing right at the right time instead of going with the mood. You cannot bluff at the start up of your poker career; it takes time to become an expert bluffer.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Party Poker At Mobile – Latest Poker Development

If you say mobile world is facing revolutionary changes with newer sets having new functionalities are being introduced into the market then it’s not wrong. Mobile users feel comfortable to access internet through their mobiles. The most amazing thing about latest mobiles is the best options of games; that’s what people prefer while choosing a mobile phone.

Gone are the days when poker was available on mobile, but Full Tilt is now one stead ahead of the competition with its availability on Android phones. The software of the poker room is easy to download from on the phone as download-able application. The phone is required to have the latest version of flash based program.

Some other poker rooms that are making their visibility at mobile phones include the following:

·         Switchpoker for Apple devices like iPod, iPad, and iPhone.
·         Party Poker is another reputed poker room for mobile clients.
·         Bwin and Full Tilt are here with best connectivity and security of users’ data is their priority.

Players will have an excellent gaming experience because players have rapid succession of hands during the game, but the bad thing is players don’t have the option of multi table games at their mobiles.

Mobile phones have the advantage of accessibility round the clock for the players at their convenience. It’s a fact that cell phones will take the poker game to newer heights, but one thing that should be considered by the poker rooms is the integrity of the game that seems to be affected once the game is openly available on mobile sets.

It’s time to welcome the Mobile Poker to have a superb gaming experience.

PokerStars Bonus At Sunday Million Of PokerStars – Amazing Offer For Poker Addicts

PokerStars is not just a name of another online poker room, but a host of biggest tournaments held online for poker lovers. Sunday Million is the most expensive tournament because of the huge guarantee money (1 million dollars). This is the guarantee that can also reach the limit of 2 million a day. No other site makes such an amazing offer for the players.

Sunday Million is the weekend tournament arranged by the site. This is due to the fact that most of the players (both professional and semi professional) play at the weekends. Weekdays also have some tournaments, but these are of small scale.

Online poker addicts visit the tables at the weekend and participate in the tournaments held at online poker sites like PartyPoker, FullTilt poker, PokerStars, Bodog, UB & AP, and some sites that are specific for non U.S. players. All of these poker rooms offer some large scale tournaments and players have a chance to play in a multi table environment.

Despite all the offers made by other poker rooms, still PokerStars is ahead of the competition due to the biggest prize money and PokerStars bonus. One thing about PokerStars is absence of rakeback program, but the VIP club has the same offers in the form of rewards like that of rakeback program.

Sunday Million of PokerStars also has the exceeded money guarantee than 1.5 millions due to larger pool generated from the buy-ins, but it doesn’t happen all the times. Top 1080 position holders are given prizes with minimum prize money of $315.63.

You need to be part of the site at weekend if you want to claim your prize money. It’s not tough, but need your willingness to play there.

Try that and share your experience!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Claiming Online Poker Bonuses And Importance Of Bubble Strategy

Poker tournaments have many adventurous moments that are unforgettable for the players. One such moment is “bubble.” What is this bubble situation? This is the time in poker tournaments, when all the players are at gaining end and they feel bit relaxed while playing at the tables. On the bubble brings a situation when all the players have to be into the bubble after elimination of a single player and that player is the most unlucky person of the tournament though he has claimed online poker bonuses.
Bubble strategy of a player depends on the stack size as well as the goals that he set while being in the tournament. Some players in the tournament play for little money, but some others play to win the tournaments and they show real professionalism is their game. If your aims are to win the tournament, then there is no need to worry about elimination before or after the tournament. For new players, it is recommended to play around the bubble.
Stack size also determines the bubble strategy. For larger stack, you can play against smaller stacks while leaving tough decisions for them to make. If you don’t want to avoid the bubble strategy in the start, then think about large stack strategy with which you can increase the number of chips during the pre-bubbled period.
Along with stack size, you have the only movers that are fold and allin. Allin should be pushed in extreme case, otherwise make it put. For mid sized stack, players show aggressive behavior and grab the pots from new nits. This strategy is adopted only by the experienced players.
What strategy you will have at your online poker room? Play and learn; you will become expert with time.