Tuesday, 4 October 2011

PokerStars Bonus – Know The Clearing Requirements

To make bankroll through online poker, the players should know the clearing requirements associated with online bonuses. Like many other poker sites, PokerStars offer 100% matching bonus for the initial deposit and the maximum limit of the bonus is $600. There are no complications for redeeming the bonus money and the amount is comparable to other top poker sites.

The most facilitating thing for PokerStars players is to make the deposit in three consecutive installments, but these should be made within 90 days. You should also understand whether it’s the better option for you to claim the bonus money or not. You are required to cash out the bonus money in $10 increments. You can view the bonus status by clicking the cashier’s window.

To earn the PokerStars bonus, you will have to earn the VIP Player Points that are also called VPPs. When you will play with the real money at the site, you will earn the points. To redeem $10 bonus, you will have to earn 170 VPPs. It means you will have to earn 10,000 player points to redeem $600.

Based on your VIP point level, you will be awarded 1-2.5 FPPs against each VPP. The starting level of PokerStars website is BronzStar Level and the next is SilverStar level. You can use the FPPs to trade various discounted products at the store of PokerStars website.

First VPP is given, when the rake reaches $.40 and the second VPP is awarded, when the rake reaches $2 for a maximum of 6 tables and that can vary up to $3 for playing at all the tables. The 3rd VPP is awarded, when the rake is at $5.

For players who want to cash out the bonus money before fulfilling any redeeming requirements, the bonus money is considered voided. But it is also advised to clear the bonus money, before you switch to some other online poker site.

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