Saturday, 8 October 2011

Continuation Bets In Poker Online – Look For The Right Strategies

In poke, the size of continuation bet should be in complete accordance of the pot size. Smaller bets provide you a cover while fighting with your opponent. But it’s also a fact that too little bets can provide the other player an opportunity to draw.

Most of the times, poker players provide the logic that if their bet is between ½ or 2/3 of the pot size, they will prefer to go for gradually enhanced bet size, and that will never affect their cover against their opponent. It will also no provide their opponents with the best odds that they can go with. Main objective of this strategy is to get a balanced position for the game. Do you think this entire strategy is good enough for making huge profit at poker? You are not right at all. 

An experienced poker online player will suggest that you are thinking about short term benefits through continuation bet after the flop strategy. Continuation bets can’t be judges without any other connection. The main focus should be the consequences after you decide to continue. The continuing hands of your opponents are more beneficial both in terms of decisions as well as money. Continuation bet should be taken in the broader perspective compared to smaller bets. 

Large bets are good when the board is wet, while small bets are excellent when the board is dry. Dry boards provide you with an opportunity to show less equity and may force them to go for larger bets.  
Continuation bets are all about right decision making, but after you have in depth knowledge of the concept.

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