Monday, 17 October 2011

Poker Sign Up Bonus – Cash Out Is Not Tough

New players always look for the bonus that is offered against the initial deposit. Increasing the bankroll is obviously the priority for any online poker player. They can get the bonus money equals to $600 at most of the popular online casinos. There are certain requirements to redeem the bonus and these requirements vary from one site to the other site. 

Redeeming The Bonus Money

Points system is mostly used at the online casinos and that can be earned through betting. Another factor that determines the poker sign up bonus is the rake collected by the house. Higher rakes are usually for the high stake players only. 

After earning certain numbers of points, a player can clear the bonus money. 20 points is the standard that is required for $1 of the bonus money. PokerStars ask for 17 points to redeem the bonus money that is lower than many other online poker sites.
  • Time to cash out the bonus money depends on the deposited money. For example, it will take less time for $100 deposit compared to $200.
  • It also depends on the poker site that has specific rules to follow.
  • The rules of redeeming bonus also vary from game to game.
  • The rules also vary for cash games and for the tournaments. The bonuses are higher for the cash games as compared to the S&G tournaments.
  • Understanding the rules means you would be in a position to earn the bonus in shortest possible time.
Isn’t it tough to cash out the bonus money? It's not. Follow the instructions given above!

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