Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Reading Hands At Party Poker – How Would You Do That?

If you are in Texas Hold’em, then you might know what it means by reading hands. You have to analyze what is being done by your opponent. What kind of betting they are involved in, and when they raise. From looking at the exposed cards, you will judge what the hand is all about. You will need logic to have clearly read the hands. For better decision, you might have to read the previous card and the sequence they appear.

Two things should be kept in mind at Party Poker and these are the cards as well as the play. You can force your opponent to use some particularly hand earlier than you were expecting. But, it might not be a good strategy for you. If the opponent is raising before the flop, and then raise again for small cards, you can conclude that he is trying to get rid of extra cards. 

You should force your opponent to use the cards in a variety just at start of the game. You can eliminate some of the hands as the game progresses, based on the performance against the hands he has used. You will have a better idea at the end what was there with your opponent at the time of dealing with the last card. 

If there is a flush card at the end, you should fold until beating the flush. You can go for the options of check and call, if the flush has not become the target. If you are reading the hands accurately, the more would be the chances to beat your opponent. It will also help you in deciding what kind of hands you should play with, and how to play these.

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