Monday, 17 October 2011

Poker Party – Be Careful To Play AK Hand

Ace King is considered to be a dangerous game for the players, where players have the danger of death just because of overplaying in the tournaments. The chance of winning with the suited cards against the unsuited cards is only 1%.  

If more players at poker party lose the game, then it doesn’t mean they are not expert players. For best and favorable results, a player should know all the best strategies as well as the worst strategies that are commonly used at AK. 

AK is a stronger hand and the rest of the hands are either stronger or little weaker than AA. It’s true that AK is the best hand, but it’s not easy to use, as it involves complications for the successful use. QQ that is strongest in NL Hold’em, is much better than AK, means AK still have tough competitor hands. 

To play AK, a player needs to be careful as well as aggressive. Aggression has always been considered as the best strategy to follow, but with AK, its importance increases many folds. Because you are not at the strongest position against opponents, so better not to go for an all in calling option. You may have to face tough situation due to the hands like 10J and QJ. 

Its also not good play too much with AK hand, because you are in online poker, not in real land based casino. But, players bet again and again if the flop doesn’t hit. It’s good to go for raising preflop, but it’s not good to bluff with AK hand. This would be the biggest blunder you can make. If you don’t see AK as hitting, then it’s not better than 23. Drawpoker is the money consuming strategy in no limit Hold’em.

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